Recommended Vendors

The prefect wedding involves working with the best professionals.


In the 20 years Greystone has been hosting weddings, we’ve engaged with a number of high quality businesses from across the wedding industry.

Vendor Recommendations

Below are a few of our favorite local vendors that can help you celebrate in style.


Blossom Shop: 231-932-9470
Victoria’s Floral Design: 231-882-5144
Hoopers Farm Gardens: 231-649-2826
Cherryland Floral: 231-941-5761


Potter‘s Bakery: 231-947-5125
Cake Connection TC: 231-943-3531
Aunt B‘s Cake and Desserts: 231-642-1205
Grand Traverse Pie Company: 231-922-7437
Waters Edge Sweet Tooth: 231-668-9603


Lux Light Photography: 231-633-9410
Dan Stewart Photography: 231-715-1125
Photography By Paquette: 231-487-9363
Memories by Andy: 231-218-9175

Exposures by Rah: 231-360-8702

Carly Lynne Visuals

Leah Holston Photography



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